About me and WindowsServerFAQ

Let me introduce myself:

I'm Ulf B. Simon-Weidner and I work as "Consultant Microsoft Platforms" at a european provider for IT-Infrastructure Solutions. But the IT is much more than just work for me - it's also my passion.

During the last years I really got into all the new Microsoft Operating Systems - always in their Beta-phases. E.g. at the official release of Windows Server 2003 I was already working in my third migration project and already did a lot of presentations and classes

But why the WindowsServerFAQ?

I'm a huge Fan of the product and working in the Newsgroups I discovered that it's great to exchange ideas and know how. You'll find more about me here.

Therefor my main goal with WindowsServerFAQ is to cover the Frequently Asked Questions about that Product on one site.

I'd apprechiate Feedback and Comments any time to: webmaster@windowsserverfaq.de

Legal Annotations

Additional to the Disclaimer:

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And most important:

  1. If there are any legal issues you think of about my site, please write a E-Mail and let me know. I'll take the approbiate action as fast as possible. I really prefer to talk about issues without attorneys. Please remember that those pages are not for profit from users for users. Please let me know about your concerns.

Please enjoy the pages provided and I look forward to receiving Feedback.

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