Dial-In Tab in Active Directory-Users and Computers

I recognized recently that one of the major by-designs of the ADUC Dial-In Tab is now in the public Knowledge Base:

837490 The Dial-in tab does not appear when you use the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in to view the properties for a domain user on a Windows XP-based computer

This fixes the issue with XP-Clients that the Adminpak does not contain the Dial-In Tab. Those settings had to be done using Remote Desktop Publishing (RDP - formaly known as Terminal Services Administration Mode). Installing the fix mentioned in the KB the Dial-In Tab is now available on XP Clients.

Other issues of my "favorite" tab:

You are not able to delegate rights - if you don't have full administrative access then clicking on the tab displays an error message "Could not load the Dial-in profile for this user because: Access is denied." and the page appears empty with just a message "Dial-in page initialization failed." This is fixed (see below - don't stop reading here), to request the Hotfix call PSS and request the following fix:

822542 "Access is denied" message may occur when you click the Dial-in tab in Active Directory Users and Computers in Windows Server 2003

After you implemented that fix, delegated administrators are able to receive the tab, and enabled and disabled fields based on the delegated rights work.

However, there's still an issue: If you don't have delegated rights for the full Dial-In Tab, you are able to change the stuff you have rights to in the GUI, but it won't take the changes when you hit "Apply" or "OK". My issue is that a customer wanted the msRadiusCallbackNumber delegated - their helpdesk should not be allowed to decide whether or not a user had Dial-In Rights, but to change the Callback-Number if needed.

However, this is not possible as of today.

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