Migrating a Windows 2000 Active Directory to Windows Server 2003

If you want to migrate your Windows 2000 Active Directory to a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory there are two options:

Inplace Upgrade

If you are happy with your current Active Directory structure you don't want to restructure into a new forest. Just do an inplace upgrade. There's a very good knowledge base article which covers all necessary steps. However I'd recommend to install every new DC from scratch, the article assumes that you are going to upgrade an existing DC.
If you want to go my way and introduce a fresh installed Windows Server 2003 and join it as DC to an existing domain, just do the preparation steps and upgrade the schema, then leave the KB and promote a fresh Windows Server 2003 as DC into the existing domain.

If you want to perform the inplace upgrade including upgrading the OS then stick with the article to the end.

325379 How to Upgrade Windows 2000 Domain Controllers to Windows Server 2003


If you are not happy with your current Active Directory (or there are any other forces involved, like a merger with another company) you might need to perform a restructure of your AD into a new forest. The following knowledge base article describes how to perfom the restructure using ADMTv2.

326480 How to Use Active Directory Migration Tool Version 2 to Migrate from Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003

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