Windows Server Wiki

This Wiki is intended as a space for the Users of WindowsServerFaq to exchange Questions and Answers.

What is a Wiki

A Wiki is a space with dynamic WebPages where every user is able to add or change content. Therefor it's a great plattform for generic stuff, and not just limited to questions and answers formated in threads like in classical NNTP Newsgroups.
If you are not familiar with wikis, see here:

Why a Windows Server Wiki

I'd like to share this space with you to discuss questions, answers, solutions, suggestions or whatever around the Windows Servers and related technologies and products. There are actually two Wikis provided here: One where the mainlanguage should be english, and one in german. Even if the rest of this site is provided in two Languages and will switch based on your browser settings or what you select manually, I believe there is a reason to provide both wikis here separate from the language selection of the general pages, since due to the nature of a wiki the discussions may vary and I'm not able to translate back and forth between them. So feel free to look in either wiki.

Some general Rules:

Formatting of the Text in the wiki

There are a set of options available for formatting within the wiki. Please make yourself familiar with the Formating, and you are welcome to experiment in the SandBox.
I hope you enjoy the opportunity to exchange.


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